Lactol has been used by dog breeders across Europe for over 100 years.

It is fair to say that it is probably the best known milk replacer on the continent. Working closely with Beaphar we rebranded their product for a new generation of pets and their owners.

The team at 032 provides not only brilliant creative ideas and solutions, but a level of organisation and communication that is the best I have ever experienced from any agency. They really are a pleasure to work with.

Amy Hepworth - Global Brand Manager, Beaphar

The Problem

We were commissioned to redesign the packaging for Beaphar’s Lactol product range. There were a number of elements that we needed to take into account; the shape and sizes of the tubs, how they opened, the kitten & puppy variants and most challengingly, including multiple languages on-pack, all working within very tight deadlines.

The Solution

We created a design with real shelf appeal. This was achieved through creating an emotional connection with the customer. Moving the packaging from its previous scientific feel to something more affectionate and approachable, better reflecting the strapline of ‘Tender loving care from the start’.

The packaging design has been very well received by the client and can be found in stores all over Europe. Since working on this project we have also worked on various collateral including a comprehensive brand brochure using this design and elements from it, which all had great standout.