Hamelin Paperbrands

Top End

Black n’ Red is an established and market leading range of premium stationery. In order to maintain this position Hamelin extended the range to include a more exclusive product aimed at the top end of the market. This saw the introduction of ‘Black’ for which we were tasked with building a brand ethos and a look and style through brand marketing collateral.

Responsive, versatile, quick, creative and always value for money. 032 are excellent at picking up projects and running with them whether they’re big or small. A pleasure to work with, their breadth of skills and services have ensured projects can come in on brief, on time and on budget.

Gerard O'Mahony, Hamelin Paperbrands

Setting the Tone

With a clear understanding of the profile of the target audience we employed our unique i5 approach to get under the skin of their aspirations and the brands they identify with, in order to truly understand their motivations. Armed with this understanding we investigated both strategic and creative possibilities through our lateral thinking Science and Magic Labs the resulting insight derived from this approach enabled us to deliver a total brand development which delivered the products key attributes – high quality and beautifully designed, thereby reflecting the target audience’s professionalism. 

Driven Professionals

The distinctive branding and language used to portray the brand - ‘ENGINEERED FOR BUSINESS FOR YOU’ - truly represents both the quality of the brand and the audiences desire for premium products that convey their professionalism and drive.