Fraser Hart

Ringing The Changes

Jewellers Fraser Hart briefed us to develop a wedding campaign and gave us complete freedom to think outside the box, going beyond a set of rigid guidelines to create emotionally engaging messages around the brand.

Rather than jumping headlong into developing a new creative style, we followed our very own i5 approach in order to truly understand the interaction between the industry and its customers. We investigated both strategic and creative possibilities via our lateral thinking Science and Magic Labs and the resulting insight derived from this approach enabled us to create a uniquely identifiable and charming campaign that really resonated with the audience. Lifestyle shots are the mainstay of jewellery marketing, but without dedicated shoots and high end production values these images can easily begin to feel a little generic and easily replicated by the competition. Our insight helped us to understand that potential customers were looking for something that felt a little more unique and personal in preparation for their big day.

Emotional Engagement

Drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom we created a set of charming illustrations with an emphasis on the simplicity of sharing a special moment – the exchange of a gift. The campaign’s distinctive visual personality was further enhanced by a stylised typography to match the illustrative approach and distinctive, seasonal colours.

The resulting POS had real stand out on the high street, disrupting the typical marketing approach taken by many jewellery retailers and drawing the attention of prospective customers into the stores.

She Said Yes

The concept and our intelligent approach was extremely well received by the client and as a result the imagery will be used across future campaigns. We were delighted to create real differentiation for Fraser Hart within their market and to better align their brand with their customers by Connecting Relevance.