So Many Ways to Enjoy Ryvita

A national ‘MyVita’ campaign was created to encourage consumers to personalise the toppings on their favourite Ryvita cracker and then to share these via social media.  Our task was to create and deliver a social media ‘game’ to support ‘MyVita’ and clearly communicate the broad range of toppings that can be put on a Ryvita cracker.

Revolutionising Lunchtimes

We used our i5 approach from day one on this project. Our initial investigate stage focused on the data and how different ingredients can be matched together, we even got our own copy of the Flavour Thesurarus! We also looked at the technologies we could use to embed the application into the clients site. This gave us lots of great insight which we could use to come up with an inspirational idea. The team included developers, UX and UI engineers and data engineers all working together to come up with the idea of the ‘Revoluncheon-iser’, a fruit machine style flavour matcher. We implemented this using some clever javascript based front end code, all ready to drop into the client site. The results spoke for themselves, but we where able to interrogate the figures and usage statistics to suggest new features, including enhanced social media sharing and new ingredients.”

It Served Up

  • Almost 110k visitors to the site. It became quite addictive, with the average time spent on the site of 3 mins 37 seconds.
  • The Revoluncheon-iser’ has subsequently been brought to life via an experiential roadshow with a branded van creating and delivering samples and inviting people to play the game via iPads.