Taste Collectiv

A Taste of Italy at Home

The range was the result of a longed for holiday in Italy, through Rome and then Venice, where all romantic ideas are born.  


With nothing more than the product itself, we worked collaboratively with the client in a number of our workshops moving through our unique Value Proposition Builder. For us a killer proposition is one that wraps up all the product benefits into one overarching statement that must at all times: RESONATE, DIFFERENTIATE, and SUBSTANTIATE. From these workshops we clearly identified the key product differentiators; the seductive story, the soul and integrity of the brand and the promise of the foodie adventure. With the brand story and value proposition now in place, we were able to provide inspiration to lead our Science and Magic Labs creative workshops in order to develop the brand name, logo, packaging design and trade show materials.


The distinctive branding and packaging delivers the seductive product story in a memorable and identifiable way, clearly communicating the authenticity and adventurous nature of the range. Initial feedback has been extremely positive and as a result we will be working with the client to bring the website into line with the new creative style.