West Suffolk College

Judging a Book By it’s Cover

West Suffolk Colleges’ Milburn Centre delivers high quality teaching across construction and building services, however the façade of the building and signage tell a very different story – one that is old fashioned and very unimpressive.

The Poor Relation?

In order to re-write the story we worked collaboratively with the client running Science and Magic Labs workshops. Our unique Value Proposition Builder delivered a proposition that truly represented their offering and that RESONATED, DIFFERENTIATED and could be SUBSTANTIATED. The output of the workshops were clearly identifiable product differentiators; the quality of teaching, the breadth of the course offering and outstanding achievements of the students. Armed with this insight and value proposition we developed the brand name, logo, exterior and interior branding.

The professionalism and quality of teaching needed to be reflected in the design of both the interior and exterior of the building to bring pride to all those who learn and work there. The brief required us to make the design work with the West Suffolk College brand, to create a sense of belonging to the wider college family, whilst creating a unique brand for the centre. 

Looking Good

Creating an exterior and interior that truly reflected the high standard of course delivery and outstanding achievements of the students was top of mind, resulting in consistent quality collateral throughout. Images and colours were selected to deliver a strong and relevant identity, one to be proud of.