We were really excited to be commissioned by Ryvita to help them launch their new Three Cheese flavour Thins product.

The Problem

Ryvita launched a new addition to their Thins range in the form of a topped variant, in this case Three Cheese.

The brief demanded bold, colourful and eye-catching imagery presenting this exciting, new, tasty product which can be enjoyed straight from the box or dipped as a delicious guilt‑free snack.

The Solution

At all times, we kept in mind that the new product needed to be showcased as much as possible, so, we made sure that it was always the centre of attention.

It was important to communicate that this was a new variant within the Thins range and the call to action was always to encourage trial.

The competitions worked effectively, encouraging entrants to engage and share. Whilst the video we created provided a dynamic way of telling the product story.